Grammar Actually

Grammar contest for our second-year students


Dear second-year students,

We invite you to participate in the third contest


Sign up via the google form or in V401 till November 15. 

Application form (click here)

The first round is on November 30.


The test promises to be really challenging. 
10 participants with the highest score are invited to take part in the second round where they'll have to develop one of the following ideas: 

The Imaginarium of the Oblique Mood 
The Eternal Sunshine of the Modal Verb 
The Secret Life of the Article 

Three most inspiring presentations will be awarded prizes, respect, love and fame wink
Sing, laugh, act, invite your friends to support and prove that it’s sheer madness not to be nuts about Grammar.



Host - Святослав Завгородний
MC Definite - Валерий Туча
MC Gentry - Андрэй Ясюкевiч
Shot by - Иван Мисуно, Леся Мартынова
Edited by - Иван Мисуно



18 мая 2016