Викторина по страноведению

Приглашаем студентов третьего курса принять участие в ежегодной викторине по страноведению

Roll Up!


The School of Translation and Interpreting and Department of Translation and Interpreting Theory and Practice No. 1 are proud to invite all the 3rd-year students (English as the first foreign language) to take part in the Social Studies Quiz of UK and USA!

An outstanding performance in the Quiz will give you and edge during the Social Studies exams, put more luster on your student exchange programs, and, if you really excel, win you a favourable trip to the Exam-Land.

The showdown of the event is scheduled for November 5, Monday 9.45 a.m. and 11.15 a.m.

Be there or be square!

NB: the traditional textbooks will be helpful while preparing.


Prof. D.D. Kozikis

Обучение Мероприятия Культура


18 мая 2016